John Wayne Gacy


“A clown can get away with murder.”

This guy…

He makes my blood boil.

For those of you who don’t know, John Wayne Gacy (The Killer Clown) was an American serial killer and rapist who tortured and murdered 33 teenage boys and young men between 1972 and 1978 in Cook County, Illinois.

I’ll refrain from divulging any more until a bit later on…

Fun facts

1. He was an Artist
Gacy took up painting during his time in prison, with much of his artwork featuring clowns; he would depict himself as Pogo the Clown (a character he would portray at children’s parties). Many of the paintings were sold at various auctions, selling from $200 to $20,000 a piece (Holy Fuck!) Nineteen of the pieces were sold in total, and some were bought so they could be destroyed. (25 of the killer’s paintings were burned in June 1994 at a communal bonfire attended by 3,000 people, which included family members of some of Gacy’s victims.)

Here’s a self portrait he did of himself as Pogo #CreepyAF
johns self portrait.jpg

2. KFC
John Wayne Gacy managed three Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurants, thanks to his father in-law who gave him the opportunity. He insisted staff refer to him as “the Colonel”. 🙄

3. Cheating Bastard
Yet another reason to hate him. Despite being viewed as a respectable member of the community, John was heavily involved in the seedy side of Waterloo Jaycee life, which included wife-swapping, pornography and prostitution. He also regularly cheated on his wife, and even opened a club in his basement to ply male employees with alcohol before he made his sexual advances. WTF?!

4. Coffin Cuddles
After a disagreement with his father, John moved to Las Vegas, Nevada, where he started work as a mortuary attendant. (Of course he did) He observed the embalming of dead bodies for three months and later confessed that he once climbed into a coffin of a deceased teenage male and caressed the body. Shocked by the experience, he returned to his parents’ home in Chicago. There we are then…

5. His Last Meal
John Wayne Gacy loved KFC so much that he ordered a bucket of the stuff for his final meal. (Finally, something we agree on)

6. Final Words
Gacy’s final statement to his lawyer prior to his execution stated that killing him would not compensate for the murders he had committed, so believed the state was killing him the same way he had killed others. His last words were “kiss my ass”. Fuck you, Gacy.

 7. Last Minute Complications
Before Gacy was executed, the chemical used in the injection unexpectedly solidified, clogging the IV tube. As a result, the blinds in the witness observation dock closed while they replaced the tube. Ten minutes later the blinds were re-opened and the execution procedure continued. William Kinkle, a prosecutor at Gacy’s trial stated that, “he got a much easier death than any of the victims”. The injection error, however, led to Illinois adopting a different execution method.
Doesn’t this guy make you sick already? Well, let’s intensify that feeling…

Name: John Wayne Gacy
Occupation: KFC Manager/Clown/Murderer
Birth Date: March 17th 1942
Death Date: May 10th 1994
Place of Birth: Chicago, Illinois
Place of Death: Crest Hill, (Stateville Correctional Institute) Illinois

When researching this waste of oxygen, I really wanted him to have had the most perfect childhood – none of the standard sexual abuse and neglect stuff, you know. I wanted there to be absolutely no excuse for this animal’s behaviour.

Then I found out his dad was an alcoholic who used to beat him.
But, tbh… so what?! That does not equate to then raping and murdering 33 young boys. No. No. No.

Other than his abusive father, all you really need to know about his childhood is he was bullied as a child. Boo-Fucking-Hoo. He suffered alienation at school, unable to play with other children due to a congenital heart condition (my heart bleeds). His father took this as a sign of failure and used it against him. Gacy later realised that he was attracted to men and experienced great turmoil over his sexuality. (Sooo, just like everyone else who’s ever come out, then? 🙄)

His victims
  1. Timothy McCoy (15) January 3, 1972
  2. John Butkovitch (17) July 29, 1975
  3. Darrell Sampson (18) April 6, 1976
  4. Randall Reffett (15) May 14, 1976
  5. Samuel Stapleton (14) May 14, 1976
  6. Michael Bonnin (17) June 3, 1976
  7. William Carroll (16) June 13, 1976
  8. Rick Johnston (17) August 6, 1976
  9. Kenneth Parker (16) October 24, 197
  10. Michael Marino (14) October 24, 1976
  11. Gregory Godzik (17) December 12, 1976
  12. John Szyc (19) January 20, 1977
  13. Jon Prestidge (20) March 15, 1977
  14. Matthew Bowman (19) July 5, 1977
  15. Robert Gilroy (18) September 15, 1977
  16. John Mowery (19) September 25, 1977
  17. Russell Nelson (21) October 17, 1977
  18. Robert Winch (16) November 10, 1977
  19. Tommy Boling (20) November 18, 1977
  20. David Talsma (19) December 9, 1977
  21. William Kindred (19) February 16, 1978
  22. Timothy O’ Rourke (20) June 16–23, 1978
  23. Frank Landingin (19) November 4, 1978
  24. James Mazzara (21) November 24, 1978
  25. Robert Piest (15) December 11, 1978

Those numbers in red are ages. His youngest victim was 14 years old…
There were also 8 victims who were never identified. 

His Crimes

The first warning sign about Gacy appeared in 1964, when he was found guilty of sodomising two young boys. Gacy was arrested and spent 18 months in prison. By the time he was released, Gacy was divorced (who would stick around after that?) and decided to move to Chicago for a fresh start.

In Chicago, Gacy founded a successful construction business, attended church, re-married and volunteered as the Democratic Precinct Captain in his area. During this time he threw elaborate block parties and built a solid reputation in his community. Gacy was respected and admired by friends, neighbours and police officers. (His record should have been posted all over town ✋🏻)

During July 1975, a teenager who worked for Gacy suddenly disappeared. His parent’s pleaded with Chicago police officers to investigate Gacy (because he fucking did it) but they never did. This would not be the last time that worried parents asked officials to review Gacy as a suspect – but the pleas fell on deaf ears. (18 MONTHS IN PRISON FOR RAPING TWO YOUNG BOYS! *ahem*)

In 1976, Gacy divorced for a second time and it seemed to give him a feeling of personal freedom. Unknown to anyone else at the time, Gacy began to rape and kill young men. Over a period of just a few years, as we know – he murdered 33 people, 29 of whom were found underneath Gacy’s house – 26 in the crawlspace and 3 other bodies were found in other areas beneath his home. Yep, that’s right. He raped them. Killed them. Then buried them under his house.


In 1977, a young man went to the Chicago police for help claiming that he had been kidnapped and molested by John Wayne Gacy. A report was made, but officers failed to follow up on it. (Are you fucking kidding me?!)

The following year, Gacy murdered a 15-year-old boy who had gone to Gacy’s home to ask about a job with his construction company. This time, the Des Plaines police got involved and searched Gacy’s home. (Oh, well done guys. Yeah, top work. Truly. 🙄)

They found a class ring, clothing for much smaller individuals, along with other suspicious items. Upon further investigation, officers discovered that the ring belonged to a teenage boy who was missing which led to them finding a witness who claimed that Gacy had admitted to killing up to 30 people! This coupled with the fact that a surveillance detective assigned to the case noticed a suspicious smell emanating from a heating duct in his home was all they needed to finally nail the sucker.

See how quick that was…
To think of how many lives could have been saved if the police did their fucking jobs is beyond disturbing.

What happened next?

Gacy was arrested and then used an insanity plea in the hopes of a not guilty verdict. (The oldest trick in the book) Thankfully, this cunning ruse did not work and he was found guilty.

Even though he was throwing every excuse imaginable at the court, Gacy was seen to find humour in his circumstances – saying that the only thing he was truly guilty of was “running a cemetery without a license.” *Pure Evil*

On May 10th, 1994, John Wayne Gacy was executed by lethal injection. Let’s not forget those immortal last words… “Kiss my ass.” – No thanks, John. I’d rather shit in my hands and clap.


Some psychology behind it all…

In the year before Gacy’s final trial, Gacy spent over 300 hours undergoing psychological tests at the Menard Correctional Centre to determine whether he was mentally competent to stand trial – Gacy attempted to convince the doctors that he had a multiple personality disorder.

His lawyers went to trial to plead not guilty for Gacy’s charges because of his ‘multiple personality disorder’ and had other doctors from Gacy’s past come in to testify that Gacy was a “paranoid schizophrenic” who suffered from a multiple personality disorder – FFS, literally anything they could think of basically.

After Gacy’s execution, his brain was actually removed and examined by Dr. Helen Morrison, who had interviewed Gacy and several other serial killers to try and find common personality traits of these violent killers. An examination of Gacy’s brain was conducted and guess what… no abnormalities were found.

Why So Serial?

Some will try to convince you that the abuse from his father traumatised him and the beatings may have caused brain injury – but c’mon! We all know this is bullshit. He was fine. He carried out a ‘normal’ life – was respected by all who knew him and held down a job and family.

One impulse kill out of anger and hurt – I could almost understand. But, 33 pre-meditated rapes and murders? Followed by burying them in the crawlspace beneath his house?



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