Pedro Rodrigues Filho

‘Killer Petey’

One of Brazil’s most infamous – and prolific – serial killers was responsible for at least 70 murders (and more than likely 100 more unconfirmed murders). Pedro Rodrigues Filho was also known as “Pedrinho Matador” or Killer Petey.

Even before he was born, Filho’s life was not easy – his father beat his pregnant mother so badly that Filho was born with a deformed skull. Throughout his childhood, Filho was then constantly physically abused by his father.

Filho claimed that his cousin was his first attempt at murder; he tried to push him into a sugar cane press, but was unsuccessful. He is believed to have killed 10 people by his 18th birthday though, so he shouldn’t be too down on himself. That’s pretty good going. Amongst these kills was the vice-mayor of his town after he fired his father. He shot him when he was just 14 years old.

When Filho’s father murdered his mother, Filho exacted his revenge, killing him, cutting out his heart and eating it.

Bon Apetit 

Filho was finally captured in 2003 and was convicted of murdering at least 70 people, but going to jail did not stop his crime spree. Ooooh no – he murdered at least 40 inmates while he was in prison. I don’t know if I’m impressed or not, to be honest. 

Name: Pedro Rodrigues Filho

Alias: Killer Petey
Birth Date: June 17, 1954
Place of Birth: Santa Rita do Sapucaí, Brazil
Job: Housekeeper
Pathology: Serial Killer, Vigilante, Robber, Mass Murderer, Cannibal 
Modus Operandi: Varied
No. of Victims: 71-100+
Status: Incarcerated

A bit more detail…

When he was fourteen years old, his father was fired from his job as a high school security guard after being accused of stealing food from the school kitchen. Filho killed the vice-mayor of Alfenas with a shotgun – as you do. A month later, he killed another guard at the school, believing he was the real thief.

After killing them, he took refuge in São Paulo, where he started to burglarise local slums. He also killed a drug dealer during the burglary spree. At São Paulo, Filho met a woman, Maria Aparecida Olympia, who would later become his fiancée. Maria was later brutally murdered by gang members and angered by this, Filho committed a massacre during a wedding organised by the gang’s leader, where he and some friends brutally killed seven people and injured sixteen others. Months after the massacre, he discovered that the boyfriend of his favourite cousin had impregnated her but refused to marry her; he shot him to death as revenge.

Later, Filho found out that his father had stabbed his mother repeatedly and butchered her body with a machete. He visited his father in prison and stabbed him 22 times. After killing him, he ripped out his heart and ate a piece of it.

Because Pedro will kill you and he will eat your insides if necessary…

Filho continued to kill many criminals* and was finally arrested on May 24, 1973. During his arrest, Filho was placed in a car with another criminal – a rapist, and when the car was opened, officers discovered that Filho had killed the rapist.

During his incarceration, he continued to kill people in prison, claiming the lives of 47 inmates. He sometimes killed inmates because of his past as a killer of criminals, which caused a majority of the prison population to hate him. In one attack by other inmates, Filho was ambushed by a gang but he still managed to killed three of them and injure the other two.

He then chose other inmates randomly: one of his victims, a cellmate and career criminal, was killed simply because he snored too much. Some of his victims were killed because, according to him, the thrill of killing another criminal was wonderful and satisfying.

Filho was almost released from prison in 2003, but the release request was turned down because of his murders inside prison. He was officially released on April 24, 2007, but he was arrested again at his house on September 15, 2011 and convicted of riot and false imprisonment. He admitted that his only motivation to be released was the fact that he had a girlfriend living outside of prison. He was eventually sentenced to 128 years in prison.

*His main motivation for killing was to kill those who were also killers, rapists, gang members etc. He had a very ‘Dexter-Like’ quality about him. Maybe he had a heart somewhere after all… 👀 (he probably had a bunch stored in his freezer)

Why So Serial?

Hmn… this is a tough one. There was clear brain damage from birth that wasn’t cared for and adhered to. His father beat him, no doubt both physically and mentally. His surroundings were that of a gang-rich environment – it was almost inevitable he would grow up in this culture. But, SO MANY kills? This certainly sets him aside from the rest. Filho thought of himself as a hero – someone people should admire. And some people did… along with fearing him, tremendously.

This video is basically all you need to know. Ha, there was no need to read all that after all…


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