Ian Brady and Myra Hindley

In light of recent events, I thought it was fitting to do these two sons of bitches next. Let’s get serial…

Ian Brady
‘The Moors Murderer’

Ian Brady (born Ian Duncan Stewart on January 2nd, 1938 in the Gorbals, Glasgow, Scotland).

Brady is infamous for his role in a series of murders that took place in Greater Manchester between 1963 and 1965. These were dubbed the Moors Murders, as several victims were buried along the Saddleworth Moor near Oldham in Lancashire.

Serial Killer
Characteristics: Rape
Number of Victims: 5
Date of Birth: January 2nd 1938
Date of Murder: July 1963 – October 1965
Date of Arrest: October 7th, 1965
Victims: Pauline Reade, 16 / John Kilbride, 12 / Keith Bennett, 12 / Lesley Ann Downey, 10 / Edward Evans, 17
Method of Murder: Cutting the throat, Strangulation with piece of string
Location: Greater Manchester, England
Status: Sentenced to three life terns in prison on May 6th, 1966. Died 15 May 2017 (aged 79)

Ian’s mother, Peggy Stewart, (a tea-room waitress) found it difficult bringing up a child on her own and hoped to spare her son the social stigma of his illegitimacy. So she gave up young Ian to the nearby Sloane family who adopted him into their own family and raised him as one of their own. Ian’s father has never been identified but Peggy claimed that he was a journalist who died a few months before their son was born…

Sureeee, we believe you honey…

Early on, Ian showed troubling signs of ‘dysfunctional behaviour’ and moodiness. When he couldn’t have his way, he would throw violent tantrums, which sometimes ended with him banging his head against the wall. Peggy occasionally came to visit her son and indulged him with gifts; Ian soon figured out for himself who Peggy Stewart really was, and likewise deduced that the Sloanes were not his real family.

Others in the neighbourhood also caught on to the boy’s socially unacceptable origins, and this, coupled with his sullen, unsociable personality made him highly unpopular with local children. Ian Sloane (as he was then called) came to resent his illegitimacy and began to see himself as a rebellious outsider, not bound by the same rules as others.

At school he was a bright student and a handsome, well-dressed boy, but not well-liked. At the age of eleven, Ian passed the entrance exams to Shawlands Academy. His potential was never realised, however, as he was lazy, would never apply himself and constantly misbehaved. He started smoking and ultimately gave up on schoolwork.

He also soon developed a fascination with Nazi Germany, Nazi pageantry and Nazi symbolism.

He often asked other boys for souvenirs that their fathers brought back from the war and when playing rough-house war games he would insist on being “the German”. It was at this time that Ian also became known for perverse and sadistic tendencies, including bullying smaller children and torturing animals in a variety of grotesque ways.

By the time he was a teenager, he had been brought before the juvenile courts for incidents of burglary and housebreaking. On the first two occasions he was given probation, but on the third he was deemed incorrigible and the court ordered him to leave Glasgow and live with his mother. She had since moved to Manchester however and had married an Irish labourer named Patrick Brady. In November 1954, two months before his 17th birthday, Ian left the Sloane household and traveled down to join his mother and her new husband. Although he didn’t get along with Mr Brady, Ian took his stepfather’s name and used it for his own.

As a Scot in England, with no friends or real family (as his mother and her husband were basically strangers to him) his feelings of isolation and loneliness only intensified and he would spend hours upon hours alone in his room listening to music and reading the works of Friedrich Nietzsche (of course he did) and the sexual sadist Marquis De SadeHe became increasingly enamoured of a philosophy that championed cruelty and torture, along with the idea that superior creatures had the right to control (and destroy, if necessary) weaker ones.

He worked as a Labourer for Boddington’s Brewery between April and October 1958, before spending a few more months unemployed. Brady eventually found a job in February 1959 as a stock clerk at Millwards Merchandising.

Almost two years later, in January 1961, he met Myra Hindley, who had just been hired at Millwards as a shorthand typist. For nearly 12 months, however, he remained disinterested and aloof, whereas she liked him enormously. But at the Christmas office party, after a few drinks, Brady asked Hindley for a date.
And we all know what that means…

Myra Hindley
‘The most evil woman in Britain’

Serial Killer
Characteristics: Rape
Number of Victims: 5
Date of Birth: July 23rd 1942
Date of Murder: July 1963 – October 1965
Date of Arrest: October 11th, 1965
Victims: Pauline Reade, 16 / John Kilbride, 12 / Keith Bennett, 12 / Lesley Ann Downey, 10 / Edward Evans, 17
Method of Murder: Cutting the throat, Strangulation with piece of string
Location: Greater Manchester, England
Status: Sentenced to two concurrent life sentences on May 6th 1966. Died in prison on November 16th 2002.

“I hope he loves me and will marry me some day.”
Myra Hindley diary entry about Brady

Myra Hindley was the first child of Nellie and Bob Hindley. Myra was born on 23 July 1942 in Crumpsall, a Manchester suburb which was a bit ‘slummy’. Her father was away for her first three years because of the Second World War; he served in the Parachute Regiment in North Africa campaign. So Nellie’s mother lived with Myra and her grandmother helped raise her.

When Bob returned home, her grandmother moved out – but only round the corner. Bob went from being a Para to doing menial labouring work and like a lot of men at the time – he started to drink heavily. He also started to beat up his wife (sadly, also like a lot of men did at the time). But Myra’s mother gave as good as she got and fought back. Often Myra’s grandmother would have to break the two apart.

After the birth of Myra’s sister, Maureen, it was Myra who was sent to live with her grandmother; she was just four years old.

One thing her father did teach her was how to fight. And so like her mother, Myra learnt how to defend herself against males her own age. When she beat a boy in a street fight, her father gave her the attention and approval she craved.

And she used her new found street fighting reputation to protect not only herself, but also her little sister Maureen. In a tragic irony however, she also protected one of Maureen’s friends, Pauline Reed. A decade later, Pauline would be the Moors Murderer’s first victim.

Despite her chaotic upbringing, this ‘bold and brash’ girl was considered a sensible, if not exactly scholastic, child. Myra’s capable nature made her a popular babysitter in her teens and she was liked equally by the children and their parents. At 13, she was ‘unremarkable’. Her tomboy past didn’t endear her to most boys; they didn’t think of her as attractive and she was called ‘Square Arse’.

Myra attended communion lessons at the local Catholic church. She liked playing rounders and loved reading. Her favourite authors were Beatrix Potter and Enid Blyton. Their escapist novels helped take Myra away from her average working class childhood into a world of adventure. It is well documented that from an early age, her friends noticed that something about Myra was different:

“She had no empathy for anybody else. If somebody hurt themselves, It wouldn’t upset her.”
Susan Carter, Myra’s school friend

Aged 15, Myra liked to go swimming with one of her few close male friends, Michael Higgins. But on one occasion she didn’t go with him. Michael sadly drowned and Myra was genuinely devastated.

When his body was laid out, Myra was fascinated. Michael’s mother took the rosary beads from her dead son’s hand and handed it to Myra. She left school shortly after that and converted to Roman Catholicism.

She also became obsessed by sights from which others would recoil: a decapitated dog by a railway track; a cat torn in half by two dogs; a boy bleeding to death after being crushed by a lorry…

Not sure that’s very ‘Catholic’?

At 17, Myra became engaged to a local boy. Maureen, Myra’s younger sister also had a boyfriend, David Smith. David was a ‘bad boy’ with both convictions and a reputation for violence. And yet it would be David that would ultimately end the madness of the Moors Murderers.

When Myra’s father had suffered a stroke and became an invalid, he somehow became even more embittered and meaner to Myra’s mother. When Myra discovered his treatment of her mother, she reversed their childhood roles and proceeded to beat and humiliate her disabled father.

Despite this, Myra considered following in his footsteps by joining the army, or the navy. She even considered escaping to America to work as an au pair. She did work in London, but nothing really captivated her and she returned home.

In January 1961 the 19-year-old peroxide blonde started work as a shorthand typist secretary in a small chemical firm. It was there that she met Ian Brady. Everything about him was different:

“She once said that he was the only man she’d ever met who had clean fingernails.”
Jean Richie, Author

I think that says more about Hindley to be honest…

Myra was instantly smitten. When she walked home that night she looked through the windows of the surrounding suburban streets and saw only banality and boredom and she eventually called off her engagement to her fiancé. #LuckyEscape

Brady was the only man for her and her lust for him only intensified when she saw Brady reading Hitler’s autobiography, the turgid ‘Mein Kampf’, in its original German.

Uh huh, Ikr. Total lady boner…

But Brady remained seemingly indifferent to her. The only times he showed emotion was when he exploded into sudden rages, often when his bookmaker rang with a bad result. His behaviour would have been both repulsive, yet familiar to Hindley. #DaddyIssues

Hindley poured out her intense feelings for Brady in her diary for over a year. She even took out a book of poetry by Wordsworth to help with her intense feelings. Finally, this is when Brady noticed her.

At the December Christmas party, the couple danced together. When he walked her home, he tried to kiss her. It is noted that he ‘bruised her with his teeth’…
It was obvious to her that he had never kissed anyone before.

When on their first date he took her to the film ‘The Nuremburg Trials’ – she knew she would never be bored again. She eagerly followed his suggested reading list and the seemingly ‘Catholic girl’ devoured the works of Nietzche, the philosopher who berated Christianity for smothering humanity’s potential with its belief in good and evil. When Brady told Myra there was no God, she stopped going to Church.

As she became a woman, he encouraged her to read the works of the sexual sadist, the Marquis De Sade.

Myra was soon moulding herself in Brady’s image. Whatever his fantasy, she would indulge him. She posed for pornographic pictures and was ready to adhere to what Brady told her was the ‘supreme pleasure’ – the rape and murder of another.

However, there was one last action that pushed her into acting out these fantasies…

She awoke one morning to find herself drugged, raped and bitten. Ian had taken her grandmother’s sleeping tablets, drugged Myra and then abused her. He also photographed her during the process. Myra was now so brutalised and brainwashed that what followed would no longer be abhorrent.

“He is cruel and selfish and I love him.”
Hindley diary entry

Their relationship

The relationship between Brady and Hindley developed according to Brady’s increasingly rabid identification with Nazi-era atrocities and his growing sadomasochistic sexual appetite. Hindley was Brady’s eager student. Under his influence, she stopped going to church and started hating children. It’s an easy transition apparently… 👀

Soon after they became a couple, Brady and Hindley began planning a series of bank robberies, which they never carried out. But when Brady became fascinated with the idea of rape and murder for sexual gratification, Hindley actively participated in procuring child victims, as well as sexually abusing, torturing and murdering them.

With the aid of a time-delay camera and a self-devised darkroom, Brady and Hindley set about taking photographs of themselves acting out their sadomasochistic fantasies. They later took pictures of each other standing or kneeling at the moorland burial sites of their victims. Apparently one of their earliest ambitions was to crack the illicit amateur pornography market, selling obscene photographs of their bizarre sexual antics with each other – but for whatever reason, this enterprise failed.

Awh Shucks

Hindley later claimed that Brady had taken the compromising pictures of her while she was unconscious and subsequently used them to blackmail her into participating in the murders. However, Brady has strenuously denied this suggestion and claims that Hindley was indeed a willing and enthusiastic participant in both the photographs and the murders. According to those police investigators who had examined the photographs, Hindley appears to be a fully complicit camera subject and is clearly enjoying herself.

The Moors Murders

“Rape is not a crime, it’s a state of mind, murder is a hobby and a supreme pleasure.”
From Ian Brady notebook


On the night of 12th July 1963, 16-year-old Pauline Reade became Brady and Hindley’s first victim. Pauline was on her way to a local dance when Hindley persuaded her to get in her car. She said she needed help finding a lost glove and offered to give her some music records if she did. Hindley drove Pauline to Saddleworth Moor; Brady followed on his motorbike.

According to Brady, Hindley joined in with the sexual abuse and torture that followed.
Brady first raped Pauline; she was also beaten and stabbed. He then went behind her and cut her throat so hard it looked to Hindley like she’d been decapitated. Finally, then they buried her.

On returning, they carefully washed the car down to remove any forensic traces. The murder weapon and all their clothes were burned.

But instead of this cementing the killer’s relationship, Brady once again became distant to Hindley. He even started visiting a gay pub in Manchester, the Rembrandt.

When he decided he needed to kill again, he brought Hindley a music record, ’24 hours from Tulsa.’ The purchase of records would become part of their ‘pre-murder ritual’.
But Brady told Hindley that he wanted to go for someone younger this time because Pauline had put up too much resistance.


Four months later, on the Saturday afternoon of 23rd November 1963, 12-year-old John Kilbride disappeared from the vicinity of the marketplace in Ashton-Under-Lyne. The eldest of four brothers, his family described him as a ‘pleasant lad’, often to be heard singing and whistling.

Brady raped him and then killed him.

Brady returned to their car with one of John’s shoes. As with a lot of other evidence, Brady would later burn it.

When John’s grave was finally discovered, it was partly through his remaining shoe that his family would be able to identify their missing son.

It was the happy, smiling photos of Hindley and Brady above their victim’s graves that eventually revealed the boy’s final resting place.

These photos were also grave markers for Brady. He would develop the photos back home in his dark room.


On 16th June 1964, 12-year-old Keith Bennett disappeared whilst on the way to his grandmother’s house. Again, Hindley had lured him into her car and driven him to the Moors.

Brady took Keith to a gully next to a stream, where he then raped the 12-year-old boy. After, he strangled him and the pair buried his body.

Keith’s disappearance somehow wasn’t noted until the next day and a massive police search sadly revealed no clues.

Brady was methodical; he had a forensic checklist to go through for each murder. He would brush down coats to remove fibres and afterwards, he would count every button.

The authorities thought the disappearances ‘unrelated’.

“One of Brady’s loves was Nietzsche, and Nietzsche, of course, is famous for writing about man and superman. Here’s Brady, having committed three murders of three children, in the local community, and has not been caught. He must have thought of himself as being all-powerful. He’s not just a man – he’s superman.”
Professor David Wilson


On the afternoon of Boxing Day, 1964, 10-year-old Lesley Ann Downey disappeared from a local fairground and again a huge police effort, bolstered by volunteers, unearthed no clues as to her whereabouts. Inevitably, her stepfather came under suspicion.

In fact, Lesley had been snatched from the fair and taken back to Hindley’s house.

Lesley was bound and stripped. Naked, she was made to pose for pornographic photos.
He’d also hidden his tape recorder under the bed. After they’d taken the photos, they then told her that they would kill her. With the tape recorder, they captured her heartrendingly begging for mercy. In desperation, Lesley called Brady ‘Dad’. But it apparently had no effect.

According to Hindley, Brady then strangled her and despite the commotion, no one reported anything:

“We heard shouting. Then we heard boys and girls screaming. But of course I thought it was just boys and girls larking about.”
Next door neighbour of Brady and Hindley

The only visitors neighbours saw was Hindley’s sister and her husband, David Smith. Brady had debated with Hindley whether they should kill David. Instead, they decided to draw him into their world.

Brady, already an alcoholic, was now becoming even more arrogant. He boasted of his actions to David and as David had a police record for violence, Brady probably felt he was in safe company. David questioned whether Brady could follow through on his claims and Brady happily offered him a demonstration.


The couple’s last victim was the smartly dressed 17-year-old Edward Evans. On 6th October 1965, Brady and Hindley drove to Manchester Central Station. Edward had just been to see Manchester United play. Unusually, it was Brady that lured in Edward this time. It’s thought that this was because Edward was gay. The apprentice engineer agreed to drive back to the couple’s semi-detached home.

Inside the couple’s home, in their front room, Brady repeatedly bludgeoned Evans with an axe.

Evans asked for his mum as the blows rained down 😢

Brady was so excited by the kill that he initially didn’t realise he’d hurt his ankle. The frenzied attack continued for another fourteen blows; Evans skull split open.
Brady then strangled him with a piece of electrical flex.

He did it all in front of David:

“That’s it, it’s the messiest yet.”
Brady to Hindley after murdering Evans.

Brady told David how the Moors were their other playground and preferred graveyard.
Brady joked with him about a time when they’d been digging a grave for one of their victims and a policeman had confronted Hindley about what she was doing.

Fearing a similar fate if he revealed his disgust, Smith helped Brady clean up and take the body upstairs.

After scrubbing away the blood, the three sat and had tea. David calmly sat with the killers for hours and when he thought it safe, he suggested he’d go home; he casually walked out the door. Only when he knew he couldn’t be seen by Brady and Hindley, did he run all the way home.

“People put this aura around Brady that he doesn’t deserve…He’s a paedophile. He’s a child murderer. He’s a coward. Brady’s nothing.”
David Smith

The guy that Brady wanted to recruit would end up actually reporting both himself and Hindley to the Police and being a witness in their prosecution.

The police went to Brady’s home and upstairs found Edward’s body along with the murder weapon. Brady denied that the murder was pre-meditated. He said an argument had broken out between him, Evans and David and initially denied any involvement from Hindley. At first, because of David’s criminal record, they were reluctant to believe him over Brady.

It’s only when the police started trawling through Brady’s library of books on murder and sexual perversion that they realise Brady may be responsible for more than one killing.

(I hope there are no murders in my local area. This blog is going to make me the number one suspect!)

And in his wallet they found sheets of paper and a code with plans on how to dispose of the body on the Moors…

The reason Brady hadn’t already disposed of the body was because he’d hurt his ankle during the attack on Evans. Just 24 hours after his arrest the police had enough evidence to charge Brady with murder.

First the body of Lesley was discovered and then John Kilbride; but his body was too decomposed to ask the family to identify him. Instead, they took the remaining shoe that Brady hadn’t taken from the make-shift grave.

Brady and Hindley would be prosecuted for the murders of Edward Evans, Lesley Ann Downey and John Kilbride.

There were still two bodies missing: Pauline Reade and Keith Bennett, but escalating costs meant the police couldn’t prosecute for these two killings.

It was only 19 years after he was caged for life over his sickening crimes that Brady confessed to Pauline’s murder.

On June 30th, 1987, after more than 100 days of searching, the body of Pauline Reade was found buried 3 feet below the ground. The whereabouts of Keith Bennett are still unknown.

Search for the bodies on The Moors, October 22nd 1965

Why So Serial?

These two were destined for each other. Both, melancholic, dark souls who never fit in or found their true purpose in life – so decided to make that purpose raping and killing children, I guess 🤷🏻‍♀️

It’s not very scientific, but they were… ‘fucked up’.
If it wasn’t so horrific and you take out the raping and murdering of little, innocent children – their relationship almost reads like a tragic love story; it’s poetic. I’m kind of surprised they didn’t die in some sort of over-the-top suicide pact or declare their love for one another on the stand.

Instead, they cowardly both pleaded not guilty and were no longer ‘a thing’.

Hindley’s solicitor reported that she told him: “I ought to have been hanged. I deserved it. My crime was worse than Brady’s because I enticed the children and they would never have entered the car without my role… I have always regarded myself as worse than Brady”


Even though this was all obviously too little, too late. Does it indicate that Hindley may not be a psychopath after all? And just fell in love with one and suffered from some sort of Stockholm Syndrome? 🤔

I do believe that she felt some sort of remorse – and for all the reasons she claimed. But there’s also the fact that she’s a woman killing children. This always hits us a little harder because women are supposedly maternal creatures whose nature and purpose it is to care for and protect their young. Although Hindley clearly never posessed any of these traits – she ‘proclaimed’ to have felt genuine remorse and regret for her actions. This is not the action of a psychopath – mainly because she had nothing to gain from saying so at the time (unless she was bargaining for some sort of plea I’m unaware of). But then if she’s not a real-life-psycho, that just makes her evil in many other ways. Hmn. Still not sure on that one…

Either way, Brady (the brains behind this operation) is finally dead and hopefully his ashes will be poured in the toilet, or somewhere equally as fitting. #GoodRiddance 


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