About Me

I love serial killers. There, I’ve said it. All colours, sizes, religions; I love ’em all. No prejudices here, ladies and gents ‚účūüŹĽ

Now, obviously by ‘love’, I mean I’m interested in them. But, like, really interested. I wouldn’t want to date one, work with one or even live next door to one. But I find people who are able to kill other people incredibly fascinating. Is it an unusual topic to be ‘slightly’ obsessed over? Perhaps. But is it really any stranger than stamp collecting or train-spotting? I would argue not.

I’m not only¬†about serial killers. That would be odd. My walls aren’t covered with posters of Bundy or¬†Pichushkin; it’s not the only genre of books I read and it doesn’t consume my life – I’m just interested. It’s not like I’m going to become a serial killer through over-exposure…

Other interests I have involve¬†drinking tea, watching movies, killing animals, setting fires… *ahem* hahahahahahahahahahahaha ūüĎÄ

But seriously Рthis is just a girl, writing a blog about something she enjoys (Yes, I still live at home and my parents are deeply worried about me).

¬†Let’s Get Serial…