Welcome, fellow weirdos.

So you like serial killers too, huh? Yay!

Serial killers have become major players on the public stage and in the media since the 1970s. The great prevalence of serial killers in popular culture indicates that I am not alone in my fascination with them (you’re here too – so there’s at least two of us). Serial killers are transformed into larger-than-life popular culture celebrities through the combined efforts of law enforcement, the news and entertainment media, as well as the public’s appetite for the macabre. (You sick bastards)

As well as the exaggerated depictions of killers in the media, when you bring up the name of an infamous real-life predator such as Jack the Ripper or Ted Bundy in conversation with a group of people, it is clear that serial killers are a hot topic. Some folks actually become gleeful when discussing them. I am one of those people.

2010 study from Social Psychological and Personality Science suggested that women (I’m a woman) are more likely to gravitate towards true crime, if only because it may provide some sort of survival strategies. At the same time, it put forward that such an intense interest could also function as part of a cycle that perpetuates the fear of the unknown.

I’m not sure if these things are why I’m so interested with them, but I’ll go with it. I just know if I overhear a story about some guy who’s been arrested for cutting up people and making contemporary art with their severed limbs – I’m all ears.

But, basically, serial killers appeal to the most basic and powerful instinct in all of us – survival. The total disregard for life and the suffering of others exhibited by serial killers shocks our sense of humanity and makes us question our safety and security.

Just as a heads up, there won’t be a great deal of psychobabble in this blog, as I have zero expertise in this area whatsoever (unless you include years of reading biographies, watching documentaries and every episode of Dexter – bless his little Lumberjack heart) but there will be graphic details, personal profiles, fun facts and a slightly satirical/jovial outlook on events that some people may think of as a little serious… (if you are easily offended or freaked out, leave now. Go on, GO!)

I am just simply beyond fascinated with them and if you are too, stick around!

Let’s get serial…